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Heart & Hara Meditation Evening

Transformative, Integrative Development of Consciousness

An evening to relax into your inner centre, where your heart, head and hara can be one again.

The source of life is in your hara, four finger-breadths under the navel at the centre of your body. This is where the state of consciousness of Being One is found.
Dance, movement, exercises and meditations gently transfer us into enjoyment of the feeling of being completely at home. You learn simple breathing exercises and meditations which are easy to integrate into everyday life. That gives us love and distance for daily life and creates a space in us, like a mini holiday! Once a week the evening allows you to recharge and land at your inner centre. In addition we learn how to stay in our hara in everyday life.

No previous knowledge or background experience is required! Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a pair of warm socks and a blanket.

Please feel welcome to attend one of the introductory trial evenings.
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